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TopLACondos - Student Housing Services

We can help you find your next lease or purchase for school and make it as simple as possible!

Looking to Buy?

Here are a few things to know...

1. Buying is building equity for yourself, not your landlord.

2. Student housing costs are expensive and this is money that you will never get back.

3. If you plan on spending 4-6 years in college, buying is best for you. After your graduation you will have most likely accrued equity instead of throwing your money away. You can then continue to live in your home or rent it as an investment property. It may even be possible to sell it for a profit.

4. Rent that second room to offset your mortgage. Many savvy parents have been buying up 2 bedroom condominiums and renting the second bedroom to help with the costs. This is a great way to help absorb some of your costs of ownership.

5. Our services are free to you.

Looking to Lease?

Here are a few things to know...

1. Our services are free.

2. The majority of buildings on our website are condominiums that have individual owners. This means that they are looking for someone to move in A.S.A.P. The maximum time in advance that you can secure a condo is within 30-45 days. Unfortunately, unlike an apartment complex, there is rarely a known indication when a unit will become available in the future. We do have some homeowners who contact us with upcoming vacancies. If you E-Mail Us we can contact you when new properties are available.

3. If you do not have credit, your parents or guardian can co-sign for you.

4. Condo living is far superior to Apartment living. Since the majority of your neighbors are owners, there is a pride of ownership not seen in apartment complexes. Condominium buildings tend to be nicer, more secure and often quieter.

5. We do keep interest lists to provide to potential landlords. If you don't see anything that may interest you now, something may come available in the future. Please E-Mail Us and let us know your move in date and what you are looking for in a new place and we will contact you when new properties hit the market.


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